My students will benefit from new research into the Foundation Phase

Amanda_Thomas - Education and Early Years

Lecturer Amanda Thomas spent ten years as an Early Years practitioner before moving into Higher Education to teach Child Development and Early Years Education. 

Her forthcoming book, An Introduction to the Foundation Phase, examines opinions and perspectives on the Foundation Phase from a range of stakeholders, including policy makers and practitioners. 

It is the first book to focus specifically on the Foundation Phase, and includes case studies and interactive exercises for students to embed theory and practice, as well as honest opinions on elements of the Foundation Phase, such as testing, and the impact this may have on children.

"These opinions are, at times controversial, but we felt it was important to accurately reflect what people delivering the Foundation Phase were saying," said Amanda.

"We wrote it because our students regularly confused the Welsh Foundation Phase with England’s Early Years Foundation Stage because, apart from Welsh Government policy, there was just no information out there on the Foundation Phase.

The text provides a practical guide to understanding and implementing the Foundation Phase in any early years setting in Wales.

Students are introduced to key topics including key theories of influential thinkers within early years education, both past and present; international curricula and perspectives on play and how Welsh curriculum compares; effective classroom practice; observational techniques; methods of assessment and how to be a reflective practitioner.

"Making links between theory, policy and practice is vital for any student within early years or childhood development. I am really pleased that my students will benefit from this new research, and I am already using it in my lectures."