Love is Love

Lorna Cabble studies BA (Hons) Photojournalism and her final project captures a variety of relationships.

Lorna told Wales Online that she has been mostly surprised by people's honesty and openness about their relationships, adding: "I thought it was important to show that anyone can be in love and love doesn't have to be bound to anything in particular.

Revealing her inspiration for creating the project, she said: "One day I saw an old couple walking down the street and wondered to myself how they met.

I posted on Facebook asking for couples to take part in a project where I would go to their house to take a photo of them and people started messaging me saying they would like to participate.

The following twosomes - and one threesome - shared with the world what their relationships mean to them.”

Laura's work was featured in both regional and national press.


See Laura's captions for each of the couples below:


1 - Tom, Billy and Ian

“We’ve been together for 15 years in total, but as a threesome for 2 years...

We didn’t have a label until we watched a documentary. It’s called a
polymonogamous relationship. People think we swing from the chandeliers like a pig on a spit but we’re not. We mostly sit here eating pizza, arguing about which film we’re going to watch.  My nan thinks it’s hilarious.”

2 – Fenna and Damo

“I am from the Netherlands, and Damo is from India...

We’ve been together almost 4 years. We met at salsa dancing in Cardiff, I was giggling a lot the first time we danced and then I went on holiday and when I came back I thought ‘I’m looking forward to seeing Damo again’, and I thought ‘that’s trouble!’”

3 – Emily and Ben

"We’ve been together for 2 and a half years (if you take out a couple of months). We met in the Courthouse in Caerphilly, the pub. Ben asked me out, via a song (I was a bit drunk).

Do we have a good relationship? (Does the job doesn’t it?) Well. I enjoy it anyway… I suppose. (Laughter) Maybe we’re a little bit in love."

4 -  Joan and Fred

“We’ve been married for 53 years. My wife, Joan had a stroke, and I’ve been caring for her for a long time now.

We met at a dance, I asked her to hold my gloves and I left one of them in her pocket - so I had to go back and get it, and I haven’t looked back since.”

5 -  Mandy and Paul

"We’d describe our relationship now as placid and stable - but it was very fiery at the start, marriage is hard work (but she’s broken me over time). We’ve been married 27 years this year.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re still here. I sometimes think now and then, 'did I miss out by being with the same person?' because I’ve never gone out on the single scene, and done one night stands - but that’s really not my thing."

6 – Sharon and Laurence

“We’ve known each for about 31 years, and we’ve been married 29.

We worked together and I didn’t like him at first but a few years later I was out with the girls, he stopped me from talking to them and asked me for a dance and it went from there. The first thing he did was take me home to meet his parents, we just seemed to click.”

7 – Charlie and Cat

“We’ve known each other for about 5 years...

The first time he told me he was in love with me was New Years Eve 2013 - but our relationship is unconventional, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend but we’re more than friends with benefits...

Charlie used to come round to my house every day after school for maths revision. He came over to my house after a gig and I thought he was going to kiss me then, but he didn’t. The next Tuesday after school he kissed me, and you know those fireworks moments? It was all going off in my head”

8 – Carol and Malcolm

“We met in 1968 at a hospital party. He ignored me all night, he was asking all the other nurses to dance with him and I thought ‘what’s wrong with me then?’ so I said ‘Are you going to dance with me or what?’ and he said ‘what?’ I found out afterwards that was his way of getting somebody interested.

Our relationship is quite explosive, it’s very rare that we have a day where we haven’t had an argument - it gets pretty heated. We try to find a funny word to diffuse it. If you can make someone laugh, once they’ve laughed, they can’t be angry.”

9 – Stephen and Amy

“I put up a post on the Comic Con Facebook page asking if anyone wanted photos and Amy replied to me, we haven’t stop talking since then, we’ve been together for 3 months...

I’d describe our relationship out of the ordinary, we’re quite crazy.”

10 – Linda and Eddie

"We’ve been together for 30 years...

I used to go to Pulsars Night Club every weekend in Caerphilly and I met Linda, I was bedazzled. I asked her if she was a model and kissed her.. didn’t I? (I didn’t kiss you the first night!)  She didn’t like my pink daps (I hated them) - they were red and white, but they looked a bit pink.

We haven’t look back since, have we Lind?"

11 – Chloe and Jordan

"We’ve been together for 3 years, and we were in the same class at college, we both really like art...

He asked me out via text, through my mother's phone number! We went on some dates, but we mostly saw each other in college anyway. Sometimes our relationship is up and down, we have bad times and good times (but there are more good times). We don’t really argue, but he does tease me. He’s also sarcastic. We both live together with my family."

12 – Millie and Frank

“We’ve been together for 62 years - that’s a long time isn’t it? We’ve celebrated a diamond anniversary - we’re very happy together.

He came to work in Lampeter and we met in a dance. He sent his mate in to ask me to go to the pictures with him.

And.. I don’t know, that was it wasn’t it?”