Postgraduate Diploma in Endocrinology (Online Delivery)

Postgraduate Diploma in Endocrinology (Online Delivery)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Endocrinology is relevant to all health professionals – such as specialist registrars, endocrine nurses and primary care physicians with a specialist interest in endocrinology – who may have exposure to people with endocrine-related disorders. It is designed to create professionals who can independently access information and use it to critically assess, evaluate and disseminate the evidence base related to endocrine care.

This online course, run with the collaborative partner Diploma MSc, will help you develop creative problem-solving approaches to complex clinical situations and become an important advocate in the delivery of care to people with endocrinology-related problems. Through case studies and discussion, you’ll develop a greater understanding of the management of patients with endocrine disorders, and improved critical analysis of published data and data. On successful completion of this course you could go on to study the MSc Endocrinology.

What you will study

The postgraduate diploma course is based on the Royal College of Physicians Specialty Training. The online course lasts one calendar year and is a part time distance learning course, with six modules per year, each of six weeks duration.

Module 1 – Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary
Module 2 – Disorders of the thyroid
Module 3 – Disorders of the adrenals
Module 4 – Disorders of parathyroids, calcium and bone
Module 5 – Reproductive endocrinology
Module 6 – Endocrine-related cancer

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  • Part Time 1 Years Start Date: Mar 2017
    • Part Time 1 Years Start Date: Sep 2017
      • Part Time 1 Years Start Date: Mar 2018
        • Part Time 1 Years Start Date: Sep 2018