BA (Hons) History

History is essential to understanding ourselves and the world in which we live. It’s not about the ‘dead past’. After all, we’re not at the end of history; we’re in the middle of it. Our history degree will offer you new perspectives on the past. You’ll examine history from the close of the European middle ages to the present day.

This course covers British and European history, the Americas from the colonial period to the present, and aspects of global history from Chile to China and back again. We place emphasis on ‘doing’ history. This means developing your skills in gathering and evaluating evidence, and learning how to build arguments that are rational and well-presented.

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Excellent for student satisfaction

We are ranked top 10 in the UK for course satisfaction in the subject area of History, with 96% of our BA (Hons) History students satisfied with their course (NSS 2015).

What you will study

In the first year of your history degree, we introduce you to some major historical themes and show you how new approaches and new topics can illuminate the past.

Year One

  • Introduction to History
    How will you study history at university, and what can history do for you after graduation? This module shows how you can accumulate skills to succeed at university and beyond.
  • The Atlantic and Making of the Modern World 1 & 2
    In 1500 the richest parts of the world lay in China and India. By 1900, that had changed completely. What happened in the centuries after 1500? Find out how a new Atlantic...
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Work and Study Placements

In your second and third years, your options include a work-based learning module. You’ll develop a project to use historians’ skills in a professional workplace, supported and assessed by our historians. Work-based learning can be based on paid work, placement within a company, or volunteering: the module is adapted to your circumstances, interests and ambitions. For example, you could help with history teaching in a secondary school, organise special events at a museum, or sort...

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This course is taught at: Treforest Campus, Pontypridd


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  • Full Time 3 Years Start Date: Sep 2016
    • Full Time 3 Years Start Date: Sep 2017

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