MSc Marketing

The MSc Marketing course is designed to help you evolve into a critically informed professional with the key analytic and strategic skills employers need. During your studies, you will be introduced to ideas that will improve your strategic thinking and your ability to devise creative solutions to marketing problems. You will focus on how research can inform practice, and strengthen performance in complex modern markets. What’s more, you will explore why organisations adopt certain marketing strategies and tactics, and how practices are likely to evolve in today’s rapidly changing international business environment.

Your studies will also focus on the increased importance of brand and reputation management, the modern driving force of new media, and the challenge of re-appropriating traditional approaches to communications. Studying the MSc Marketing will encourage you to challenge the broad-based concepts and philosophies of modern marketing and consider the importance of a customer-centric, service-dominant approach to marketing, where the balance of power is shifting from marketer to consumer. You will gain an insight into emerging trends in contemporary marketing practice, underpinned by cutting-edge approaches to managing an organisation’s reputation and its brands, and learn how to communicate with the end consumer and other stakeholders through traditional and new media.

What you will study

Throughout the MSc Marketing, you will explore a wide range of marketing philosophies and functions, challenging traditional methods and contemporary thinking. Research skills will focus on the effect of new and emerging media on modern organisational thinking. You will test issues surrounding areas such as corporate ethics, branding, and marketing strategy, as well as question communications theory and develop new ideas in line with marketing thinking and consumption.

Modules such as Innovation in Consumerism and Market Research, Trends in Marketing and Social and Sustainability Marketing will...

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This course is taught at: Treforest Campus, Pontypridd


  • Part Time 3 Years Start Date: Feb 2017
    • Full Time 1 Years Start Date: Feb 2017
      • Full Time 1 Years Start Date: Sep 2017
        • Full Time 1 Years Start Date: Feb 2018
          • Part Time 3 Years Start Date: Feb 2018
            • Full Time 1 Years Start Date: Sep 2018