Learn improvisation for performance, choreography and contact improvisation

Dance Improvisation


Improvisation is a core skill for contemporary dance performers, choreographers, and teachers. Learning how to create engaging improvised movement requires regular physical practice, and the ability to critically reflect on what you have produced.

The dance course at USW draws on a range of improvisation strategies (e.g. Tuning Scores by Lisa Nelson) to help you develop your own improvisation practices.

Throughout your studies you will engage with:  


  • Improvisation for performance
  • Contact improvisation
  • Improvisation for choreography



Working with our staff, and guest lecturers you will learn through workshops, masterclasses, and public performances of improvised dance.


As the dance course is located within the school of music and performance, there will opportunities to explore working with live music improvisation. 

Video shows Matthew Gough, award leader for BA (Hons) Dance.