MA Scriptwriting

The aim of this degree is to give students the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of Scriptwriting as a craft. The expertise of our team allows our students to choose whether to write for film, theatre, TV, trans-media or radio.

During your time with us you will be following a programme of study that is designed to connect practice with theory, with the eventual aim of providing you with an extensive portfolio of work that could serve as a calling card for the industry. Here you can write short scripts, adaptations and feature length scripts in the medium of your choice.

Our Scriptwriting degree is a valuable opportunity to achieve a high level academic qualification that combines vocational training with analytical skills. We can help you forge working relationships with professional writers and academics, and to explore potential vocational pathways in writing and/or academia.

If you choose to study on a creative postgraduate course at the University of South Wales, you will also benefit from being part of a vibrant international student community.

What you will study

The MA Scriptwriting course will include the following elements, though you can choose to specialise in writing for film, theatre, TV or radio:

Script Analysis The module will identify various methods of script analysis from classical structure to more post-structural models equipping you to differentiate between approaches then apply the approach more suited your personal needs.

Short Script In this module you are required to write a short drama script either for theatre, radio or for the screen. As part of the module you will visit a specific location as a creative stimulus; this will form...

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Ian Staples – Course Leader
Wyn Mason – Senior Lecturer
Jesse Schwenk – Lecturer
Sian Summers – Senior Lecturer


This course is taught at: Cardiff Campus


  • Part Time 2 Years Start Date: Sep 2017
    • Full Time 1 Years Start Date: Sep 2017
      • Part Time 2 Years Start Date: Sep 2018
        • Full Time 1 Years Start Date: Sep 2018