BA (Hons) Religious Studies

In this unique Religious Studies degree you can explore first-hand the beliefs and practices of a range of religions and their influence on society.

You’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from a cross-section of faith groups and traditions, participate in an extensive range of cultural study visits and benefit from the expertise of the lecturing team who share their experience and knowledge from around the world.

From Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam to Sikhism and Christianity, you’ll get the chance to learn about different major religions and their cultures in a lively and innovative setting. You’ll delve into the world of ‘lived religion’ experiencing the sights and sounds of religious expression, places of worship, and faith communities.

Throughout your studies, you’ll also encounter further expressions of religion including Wicca, Voudou and Tranhumanism as well as various minority religions of the Middle East such as Baha’is and Yazidis. We are also one of only a few universities in the UK to offer a module in Jainism as part of the Religious Studies course, which supplements the study of other religions practised in India.

What you will study

Year One

In your first year, youll gain a real insight into the diversity of religion as youre introduced to a range of beliefs and faiths. Youll develop your knowledge and understanding of the concept of religion worldwide, try to pin down what the term religion itself means, and develop a solid grounding in the methods used to study and understand religions. Youll also start to study alternative expressions of faith and begin to explore how religion is presented through film and media.

Year Two

During year two, your studies will concentrate on the world religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity...

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Field trips

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in our comprehensive series of field trips throughout the course. These trips have been designed to complement your studies and will give you a hands-on insight into the worlds of others. Youll get the chance to obverse, and if relevant participate in, the worship of many different faith groups, hear the perspective of religious specialists, and to find out from them how they live their lives.

Field trips usually include Glastonbury (for Samhain/Halloween),...

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This course is taught at: Treforest Campus, Pontypridd


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  • Full Time 3 Years Start Date: Sep 2016
    • Full Time 3 Years Start Date: Sep 2017

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