Teacher Training Placements

Kelly_Malarz_ placement officer for teaching

Kelly Malarz is the School Experience Officer for all Primary and Secondary Initial Teacher Training courses and Post-Compulsory Education (PcET) teaching courses at the University of South Wales.

"I have worked at the University since 2003. During this time I have built up effective working relationships with schools, head teachers and teachers across South East Wales.

A key aspect of my role is to ensure quality placements are secured for every student teacher, ensuring a range of experiences throughout the courses I support.

Throughout school experience, our student teachers are supported in school by a senior mentor and a class mentor. 

A University tutor will also visit during the placement. It is very important that our student teachers are well supported throughout the school experience.

I work very closely with academic staff to lend support and answer any queries that may arise when student teachers are based in school.

Our staff provide extensive training to our partnership schools to ensure our student teachers are well supported whilst on placement. 

I’ve seen students who trained with us, go on to become mentors in our partner schools and mentor and support the next generation of teachers - it really is lovely to see!

I love my job. As a teacher training department, we are completely committed to what we do and will go out of our way to help our students along their journey to becoming teachers."


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